Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Bitcoin?

Please visit the Bitcoin guide.

What is this site?

We are a verified PayPal & Bank account shop that update our list daily. We also provide a free cash out guide & socks5 proxies with every order.

Do you offer a cash out service?

Yes we do! Please contact support for more information.

Why don't you just cash the accounts your self?

We do! But we have so many accounts that we only cash out accounts with very high balance and just sell off the lower balance logs.

Can you make me a phishing site?

Yes. We can create one for any service with bullet proof hosting for just $300. Please contact support for more info.

Do you offer free proxies & RDP?

All orders come with three free socks5 proxies located in the region of the account. If you need RDP (a remote linux/windows vps) please contact support.

What if I don't receive an email after order?

You will always receive your email within 10 minutes, (check Spam/Junk folder too) but in the case that you don't receive an email after one hour please contact support for assistance.

I have more questions

Please contact support if you have any more questions.